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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Lincoln Square Tumble

As far as I can make out, help was on the way and the five trapped shoppers had been informed of this.

All they needed do was sit tight.

What on earth prompted those blithering idiots to try their own makeshift exit?

I suppose there'll be all sorts of recriminations and trumped up charges as if Jeremy Johnson's tumble was the fault of the elevator malfunction.

Terrible that it jammed at a height to make the fall fatal.

A bruising 15 feet or so would have been more fitting: Lay him prone in a hospital bed, immobile to wriggle out of scolding by the authorities and finger-wagging mockery from shocked kith and kin.

I've lived with elevators all my working life and would never try clambering out between floors lest the damn'd thing suddenly lurched back into motion and - Final Destination-style - sliced me in two, which I recall happening to some New Yorker.


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