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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

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For Klingon, press one

I forget now how I ended up as a maverick customer service supremo but it started in Hong Kong back in 1996, writing English language scripts for already gracious and willing local staff, and continued in Seattle as an entrenched email/phone rep, rising to quality checker and trainer and general all-round pontificator.

Now that I'm finally heeding Doctor Phil and getting real about where my talents lie, I concede that I'm not *actually* cut out for that trade so much as the rôle of traitor mole behind enemy lines, watching for a chance to snip red tape and stick it to The Man with furtive deliveries of vox humana, common sense, and Gordion slicings through nitty rules.

Your Call Should Be Important to Us, but It's Not: I'm sorry I can't find the link because Feb 26's Sunday Times Inside the News~ "Under new management"  section by William C Taylor was excellent on Paul M English's Get Human cheat sheet to scything through automated interactive voice-response systems.

A 'must' of a link to this

"Consumer movement created to change the face of customer service. This free web site is powered by over one million consumers, and the site is run by volunteers who demand high quality customer service. Our site has information for many types of companies including credit cards, finance companies (banks and mortgages), insurance companies, cell phone providers and many others."

UK-bound, I'm already poring over this lot.

Deserving the widest broadcast and support.

Godspeed, Busker. Having departed these shores for London in 1994, leaving one 18-year old behind, I feel uniquely able to identify. Eventually we washed up near Marylebone High Street - an area I recommend for its central location, proximity to Wigmore Hall, the charming Daunt Books, the sandwich stylings of Pret a Manger, and an eclectic two-story Iron Monger(y). Understand Conran has moved in down the corner, and there used to be a Canadian Muffin Co, should you develop a yearning for cakey American-style pastry.
As to the 18-year old, he's now 30, happily living in New York, and a joy when we're together. I know you'll keep your girls as close as you can. Best wishes to you all.
Anon - what a friendly and sympathetic comment. thanks so much.

I used to live off Baker St and was always trawling round Marylebone High St et environs.

First thing I'm doing once i've dumped my cases and soaked in a bath is catch a tube up to Oxford Circus and walk north thru all my old haunts up to hampstead and then brave a pub and a pint.

Am sitting amid packing boxes, already utterly missing my girls. Went to see 12:55 showing of 'Mrs Henderson' and sat in same seat - 7 down, right end, leaving aisle seat for absent Spitfire. Silly.

Thanks again.

I'll picture you in Paddington Gardens, sometime after the trees are in full leaf, lunching on the grass with one of your daughters and laughing out loud.
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