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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Avid Avian

Perfect timing - just as I pack my cases to swan off to family in Corfu and Tuscany, the feathery 'flu touches down in Puglia, Calabria and Sicily as well as  northern Greece.

Well, that's it - not much stopping it now: the perfect beach-head for it to mix 'n' match and frolic and finally mutate into the dread human-habitat lurgy it yearns to be.

Africa looks to be straining for 1st place.

Poultry sales plummeting to ... er ... chicken-feed.

Olympics: No cases in 'Piemonte', so no panic in fair Torino among the Olympii.

A mere 600 miles' distance as the swan flaps, I'd show a little more cave avem  - on the other hand, can you imagine how NBC's cup would o'erflow if they found themselves covering both the Games *and* a plague outbreak? Cripes that would send their stats soaring.

Maybe Premier Berlusconi will use some of his Jesus powers and head it off.

Ah well, at least when I get over there I'll be able to add personal touches to my despatches from the front.

Pandemica's Box: Worst coming to worst, advice for burying les morts

Herewith homework to save me repeating myself once it all reaches fever-pitch.

Addenda: I can't keep up with the new countries joining the parade, or at least it's getting harder to seamlessly weav them into the body of the post.

Will have to just list newcomers below:

  • Like Austria, Germany and Iran
  • Plumage Put-down: bang go any plans to flounce through Kerkira Immigration in my showiest boa.
  • "Endemic in Europe" - New Scientist (no less)
  • Et maintenant - Canard Aviané: la belle France
  • Blighty readies

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