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Monday, January 02, 2006

Tot Torturer Now a Dad

Interesting tip-off from my favorite and prolific fact feeder, Anon, pointing me to the Sunday Mirror story on Bulger basher Rob Thompson, now a father himself.

The good thing about grotesque developments like this is that both subject and search are kept alive thanks to the press leaping on the wagon, be it sister UK rag, the Sun (complete with tasty pic of the angelic vengeful mother), or faraway Australian.

Ugh - a murderer's mite. I know *I* wouldn't fancy going thru life under the cloud of fruit of *either* sadique 's loins.

So yes, RT is married, living secretly oop t'north where even "the tot's mother has no idea of his evil past." What a terrible shock when she finds out - talk about bad blood.

I remain astounded that, despite the Web's soi-disant prowess as revelator of dark deeds, the murderers *still* haven't been outed. But there's a chink of light: seems that Thompson et femme "split before the baby was born after a series of rows", which means there'll be a soupçon of grudge there waiting to ooze out when the coast is clear.

Honestly, such a farce: every gossip rag in the UK must know where they're holed up, but covering their derrières because of the legal bindery about not grassing on the new identities. But you'd think some foreign paper could accidentally-on-purpose drop a few clues, or even some half-awake neighbour put two and two together and start the ball rolling. They can't be *that* thick up there ....

I mean, let's see what we know just from this Mirror piece:

  • Thompson's bird's gave birth in the last year but knows nowt "of his evil past".
  • They argued and split up, but RT still visits at the mother's home [my emphases].

    Like, hello out there. Wakey-wakehh ... does this ring a bell with anyone's mates or neighbours?

  • Thompson lives pseudonymously in the North of England, in the same town where he met the girl.
  • He's met her parents.
  • 1999: he was "close" to a girl in the same Barton Moss secure unit in Eccles, Lancs. That can't be too hard to check into - a few quid under the table for someone to go through the files and come up with a name, address, etc.
  • Thompson has an office job. Zero mileage there. Work colleagues never have a clue about each other.
  • Thompson's also been nicked for shoplifting but was "released when his personal protection officer intervened."

    This means someone must have wondered "Hullo 'ullo, what's going on here?" and delved deeper.

  • Thompson's fooled around with heroin "in an attempt to erase the horror of his childhood."

    Aww - poor lamb ... the horror of *his* childhood.

    But it sounds as if we can snatch a crumb of comfort from neither lout quite enjoying his full  night's sleep à la that Ovaltine advert.

  • Maman Bulger, the fragrant Denise Fergus, is meant to have actually tracked Thompson down and stared into those shifty eyes - another avenue for clues and a chance for some gallant blades to find favor with la belle by attending to business on her behalf.

    Alas, as a sleuther dragnet, not the Net's finest hour ... but there's time, and subtle developments like the arrival of Thompson junior add to the momentum.

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