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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

boat man drawinglacquer chest

Moving Sale

~ Everything will  go: To a good home or the dumpster ~

Long live blogs - and long live the Net - I'd announced two fine pieces here and in a trice they've been snatched up ... by the same good folks who welcomed - nay, guided - us to the Island back in 1995.

What's *really* nice is that they're buying the cabinet and armoire, not for them but for my own girls' eventual homesteads.

cowboyCash note: I'd better be forward-looking and invest the generous price I've been offered in case my chickadees maintain the paternal knack for penury. That way, when it comes time to retrieve the heirlooms, the cash'll be there in Arctic Monkey construction stocks or Bamboo Dragon Communications & Tableware.

hk printRight - that's the big stuff gone, but I'll keep the pics here show the caliber of stuff I'm flogging.

Open House Moving Sale: Next chore, place classified adverts in Review and Islander for Sat/Sun, Jan 28 and 29, 9-5pm.

armoireGroan - the thought of the hordes piling in with their insulting haggling for my bijoux items, already reduced to a pittance. Meanwhile, of course, there's little Suzie round the corner feeding cutlery and cassettes into Uncle Ned's voluminous poacher's jacket.

I foresee foresee several sales over the weeks until, like the start of 'Pirates of the Caribbean', I sell my very last objet d'art just as I close the door behind me for SeaTac - à la Depp's Jack Sparrow stepping delicately onto pier as the tip of the dinghy siks beneath him.

catYes - bad luck, everyone - off the market goes the lovely lacquer chest that was given to me as a callow youth in 1967.

My mama assured me even then that it was valuable and not to be treated like my usual junk.

But no need panic - there is a ton of stuff to go:new territories, hong kong

Gillray printFurniture

Music + CD racks

Paintings (some really very good)

fishesKitchen stuff, incl very nice crockery

Books - what I don't flog to Half Price or 2xSold.

Our tastes are too refined over here: I took a huge box into Eagle Harbor and was handed most of them back with a check for a measly $16 for those that'd passed muster.

I didn't even bother to take 'em home: Went straight to the 2:05pm ferry, over to the smoke, cab up to Twice Sold - et voilà! They snatched the lot up - all but a Kazantzakis paperback and Ciari's Browser's Dictionary (which I *gave* to the pretty girl behind me who said it looked 'interesting'). $58.89 in my paw.

michelangeloPlenty more books on my shelves to dump - including some rare 1st-editions and art books.

gatelegComputer table and all the stereo gizmo attachments.

A gorgeous gate-leg folding table - damn, I hate to see that go off to some vulgar parlour

Jug showing stages of drunkennessStuff like a jug I've toted around the world and which belonged to my father's Yorkshire side of the family. Sat on my Gan Gan's solid northern furniture, mute display of the stages of getting tipsy.

It took me yonks to pluck up courage to ask to see it, which I was allowed, all the while being lectured in that loovleh West Riding lilt on the perils of over-imbibing.

Made the whole operation sound *too* glam for words and left me yearning for my first pint (or three).

chestBed and mattress (I don't actually think people in this hygienic country *favor* doubling up where others have lain)

gymAssorted garments (see above, ditto)

Indoor gym that does actually work and folds up neatly, altho' I just keep it there for watching junk TV: no exercise, no Idiot Box.

shelvesAlso all those wiry baskets you see around - v useful for magazines and horrid bills that can jolly well wait til the bank balance looks healthier.

antelopeGardening implements and a rather nice Philippino relaxing chair that has weathered very well on my slender verandah.

pictureIkea shelves - Once I've dumped their contents.

Dash it  - there's some good stuff up for grabs.

Exactly the mega-bargains I used to cruise for, praying for some hapless creep like me, down on his uppers, reduced to jettisoning good stuff for thievery prices.

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