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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Intelligent Creationism - Wal-Mart style

Oh how funny - surely an inside saboteur? I can't believe a rank-and-file drone would have the nouse to think up such an offensive jape.

Wal-Mart's web site had the cheek to link the DVD of the Boulle novel, Planet of the Apes to movies about African-Americans such as Martin Luther King, Tina Turner, Dorothy Dandridge and Jack Johnson.


By Hermès, I bet there were red faces and rough questions in the behemoth's boardroom. Serve 'em right.

Of course, it's right in line with their racist credo and I've no doubt they're furious to have been caught out.

All grist to the mill for the various noble bodies dedicated to bringing this bunch to heel.

I shall inspect the DVD rack most closely when they finally set up shop in the NASCAR Poulsbo pit-stop.

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