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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Double Identity

No sooner do I append my frivolous unfunny Book Title crack at the Peddy misfortunes than I read Julie Leung's characteristically measured assessment and salute to Cathy Nickum and Althea Paulson's remarkable Bainbridge Buzz.

Hear hear to Julie's "Thanks to the Buzz for all their work fortifying our online community."

What a shabby farrago of tomfoolery this whole sad story has been.

I know it feels like rubbing William K's conk in it when he's already downer than down, but Julie is right to draw attention to the Buzz's sleuthery.

Speaking of which, are they getting the national recognition the deserve? Is this not an example par excellence  of Blog power unchained?

Incidentally, the Title Assessor ranks Seedling & Sprouts with a 63.7% chance of bestsellerdom success, so the multi-tasking Mrs L better get to work.

I want to see local bookshop displays locked in literary battle: the latest "Buzz" Paulson who-dunnit versus the new doorstopper in the Julie Leung 12-volume saga of everyday life of island folk.

I'll get to work pronto!
I'll get to work pronto!
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