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Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Static Trampoline

~Chris Pierce~

December is the drool-lest month for freebie reviews.

In the past four business days eight offerings have thudded onto my mat.

  • Three immediately obviously not my scene and returnable shrink-wrapped with heart-felt thanks.
  • Three possibilities that within bars failed the Old Grey Whistle test.
  • And two, total winners.

    In any other line-up, Chris Pierce would've won hands down, but he arrived the day before the Gumbo fest and it was an unfair contest, as I trust he'll agree.

    Saying that, this boy kills.

    There isn't a dodgy quaver in Mr Pierce's muscular voice - even in those carefully judged falsettos - and the top-rate production values do full justice to his acoustic guitar backing and the tight backing from his relaxedly competent combo.

    Don't just listen to Pierce's "Are You Beautiful?". It'll send you send you straight out to snatch up this buyable album (and yes, that *was* the haunting song from the "Crash" movie).

    Here's a boy to invest in. I've tried him on the savviest musicians I jam with and he's lamentably unknown by those whose antennae I trusted as tuned for what's happening.

    OK, so phooey to the dilettante creeps I hang with.

    What I will say is that everyone - unsavvy creeps included - I play this to up close 'n' personal, with one accord they sway to the likes of CP's assured "When I'm With You" and the Sennheisers swap to 'n' fro when Pierce & co lock into their rubbery reggae beat.

    What can I say?

  • The man's voice exudes rhythm and timbre
  • He writes lyrics that make sense. I know this matters not on the first few hearings, but a lack of BS makes for longevity.

    I'm so used to being fed stuff by "established" artistes, it's a delight to be in on the ground floor of someone's who's got the world ahead of him.

    Dammit, I see Chris not only blossoming in his own right, but his songs being taken up by others and bouncing back in reflected sales of the man himself.

    Right now, for what he cares, Chris Pierce is my chief "Told-You-So" singer/writer.

    I care, because I want him to get thru to the plebs and make the bread to keep recording and fulfill an obviously huge talent.

    Those who can, catch Pierce at Tacoma's Jazzbones Dec 12, in which area I will also be, checking out a new nosherie by that girl-magnet Luis Abrego. I shall insist he adds CP to the cool sounds he pipes through at *just* the right volume.

    God, I bet Luis is sick as a parrot over this thrice-accursèd spoil-sport 'baccy ban: a stalwart El Rey del Mundo man through and through,is our Luis, and he knows how to run his eateries to keep a smile on the faces of puffing 'n' quaffing gourmet gentry.

    I suppose it'll be like pubs in the old days after closing time: out with the punters as the regulars shuffle around looking for coats or wives, then lock the door and draw the curtains and get down to serious boozing.

    I must suggest Luis devotes one night a week to a "Two-Five" coterie:

  • Declare the place closed for decorating
  • Trusted 'regulars' only.
  • A set $25 à la carte  menu to save time on those idiots who think chicks fall for all that furrowed-brow musing over diced llama or braised 'Singe d'aubigné' nestling in a toga of ris parfumé.
  • Maybe no mistresses over 25 - yes, Luis would go for that, the randy goat.
  • Certainly no waitresses with waists circumferencing more than a clutchable 25"
  • I'm sure more ideas will spring over a few bottles of that ruby-red Mesoneros de Castilla Crianza ....

    But yo, I digress.

    Bottom line: Hie thee down to the Glass Onion, or whichever discerning emporium you frequent for fine music, have El Padrone give 'Trampoline' a whirl, and I bet you walk out with this brave new talent.

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