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Saturday, December 17, 2005


Splendidly whingeing letter kicking off the Review's Dec 17 epistles.

I sometimes think the editor runs these just to start our Saturdays with a decent giggle ....

A Judith Kiriluk - and full marks to the Ed for not wrapping her moniker into a deservedly punning headline - got nicked with a parking ticket, as a result of which she assures us she's soured enough to stay clear of Winslow.

Promises, promises.

Visits us once or twice a year, does Kiriluk, whose immunity beef is that she "grew up on Bainbridge Island in the '40s and '50s and graduated from Bainbridge High School".

The giveaway comes in the next para where JK tells us she "dropped $70 at a local restaurant."


In an instant one has an all-too clear picture of this pinch-faced scold.

Never has Rita Meter Maid sounded lovelier.

Dangling the promise of dropping no further shekels in the neighborhood, Judith ends with a petulant, "Too bad for me, and too bad for your Winslow businesses."

Wherever Belfair is, they're welcome to her and I totally absolve BHS from any influence or responsibility.

Judy is right. You guys aren't worth knowing.
Excellent comment. Succinct and honest.
In fact if you don't know where Belfair is you are an idiot. Why don't you go back to wherever it is you came from and crawl back under the rock. Your mother is waiting for you. Washington State was nice before all of you transplants moved here.
More from the alert Jay - and a deserved plug for Belfair.
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