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Monday, December 05, 2005

Pulling the Lever

Dash it! How could I have missed it?

My interest in television would have been as reanimated as the dead vets in what sounds a Joe Dante masterpiece Showtime offering.

Slate's Grady Hendrix gives it a mouth-watering write-up:

" 'Homecoming' kicks off when the flag-draped coffins of soldiers killed in Iraq burst open and the reanimated corpses of dead veterans hit the streets, searching for polling places where they can pull the lever for 'anyone who will end this evil war'."

Cast-list reads like an MSNBC line-up.

  • David Murch, political consultant for an unnamed Dubya-soundalike Republican president.
  • Murch's bird, a bullying Coulter-clone harridan pundit.
  • James Carville look-alike and Jerry Falwell doppelgänger, complete with quivering jowls.

"Dante delivers the thrill of watching familiar figures spin the issues and dole out doublespeak, yet he doesn't stint on the satisfaction of seeing them have their brains eaten afterwards.

He's the first horror director to take the bits of media flotsam and jetsam that have been drifting around the flag-draped coffins at Dover Air Force Base, the talking-head cable shows, the internment camps, the Ohio and Florida recounts, the 'Mission Accomplished' banners — and make something electrifying out of them."

Now to track down where I can see the December repeats.

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