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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Merrily we Roil along

Latest buzz word: Roil.

Noticed how it's cropping up?

NYT in its coverage of the thin-wedge shootings in Fuzhou: "Widespread social protests roiling in the Chinese countryside ..."

And I've seen it elsewhere.

My theory, it started life in some typonese coverage for boiling aggro in a Frenchie banlieue

Rival editor demanded, "Hey Frankie, how come nuthin' 'roiled' in *your* piece on those punks in that Boise shoot-out?

Hey, people! I want a lot more roiling around here."

And so the snowball began.

Editor of The Times: "I notice the Yanks are using this word 'roil'. Come on, chaps, we're guardian of the language around here. Try to slip it in, there's good fellows."

"Attention, everyone - the Chief wants to see more 'roiling'.

Tess, that piece on the punch-up in the nursing home - must have been *one* of those old biddies rocked 'n' roiled? Attagirl."

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