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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Laid Off ~ finale

Dateline: Dec 13

  • My replacement was hired before I was fired
  • Ex-colleague of B
  • Never *was* plans for an east-coast nanny; B had the ear of the Boss and Busker was out, shafted.

    Irony: I once shared with B that me n my younger sweetie took walks along the shore and just chat about this 'n' that. Dad to babe.

    Turned out B had lost *his* dad a year ago, "would have given anything" to walk with his dad.

    Now here I am, laid low and reduced to quitting these shores, no more strolling with my gal ~

    B misses his dad, oozes a pal into my post, costs *me* walking with my gal til who knows when.

    Circle game

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