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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Laid Off #5

Dateline Tues, Dec 4,
: Mass of mails since last posting.

Contact from all sorts of ex-colleagues, most from home addresses, message: I've been "shafted".

To my alarm, my earlier posts circulated among all with whom I dealt and with whom I seem to have made a mark.

No matter that there appears to be no intention of appointing an in-store stool-pigeon - that I was even told there'd be one has riled folks.

Flattery: Any tension or misunderstanding that might have existed in the early days of the start-up have been considerably aggravated by my successor.

If a delegation to The Man demands my return or a *real* go-slow, would that work?

Immediate panic mail from me: I'm still job searching and Ineed the good will of the boss. Please - no one do nothing.

From customers, many of whom seem to be major players in the field:

It's clear I've been dealt from a less than straight deck

  • They might have bawled me out before but it was smack-mouth the game, not the player. The truth I dealt was eminently more satisfactory than the slithery half-truths they're now been insulted with.

    "Chris - with you, at least I knew where I stood and could concoct my own lies for my customers. Now I don't knowe where I stand. Is there *any* way you can keep in touch with your former employers so I can hear from *YOU* what is going on? Let me know the price and I'll have my accounts dept arrange the necessary transfer.

  • "Chris -let me speak frankly. I do large business with X. I'm seriously wondering if a company who can (deleted) its dealings with good staff is going to give a [deleted] about serving mere customers.

    If you're staying in this business, let me know where you end up and I'll transfer my business.

    If you need a reference, you have my direct line. I *need* professionals like you at the other end."

  • "Chris - I took the liberty of checking with certain authorities in your state. I'm so mad this happened to you. Say the word and I'll have my legal dept follow up.

    By the way, the order came in time, thanks to your efforts (after you'd "left").

    When I called, I was transferred to O who'd got your update and was acting as necessary. I gather you sent mails even after your dismissal.

    A real pro, and you didn't forget us."

    Post-script: While I was searching for work here, I didn't want to jeopardise my references; now I'm Euro-bound, I feel free to tell my side.

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