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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Laid Off #5

Dateline Tues, Dec 4,
: Mass of mails since last posting.

Contact from all sorts of ex-colleagues, most from home addresses, message: I've been "shafted".

To my alarm, my earlier posts circulated among all with whom I dealt and with whom I seem to have made a mark.

No matter that there appears to be no intention of appointing an in-store stool-pigeon - that I was even told there'd be one has riled folks.

Flattery: Any tension or misunderstanding that might have existed in the early days of the start-up have been considerably aggravated by my successor.

If a delegation to The Man demands my return or a *real* go-slow, would that work?

Immediate panic mail from me: I'm still job searching and Ineed the good will of the boss. Please - no one do nothing.

From customers, many of whom seem to be major players in the field:

Post-script: While I was searching for work here, I didn't want to jeopardise my references; now I'm Euro-bound, I feel free to tell my side.

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