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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Know Your Narnia

Devastated to miss the Family Leung's Narnia knees-up but things just didn't work out.

I was looking forward to it, as was Young Miss who, wider and more recently read, had some interesting comments and queries ready for the assembled Lewisian Brains Trust.

With the Dec 9 curtain-up, floodgates will open on a torrent of twaddle and, I daresay, not a little tendentious religioso pap.

My best offer is the Guardian's alphabetica on the subject.

I am in one of my periodic grumps over cinematic treatments, having re-read Nick Hornby's excellent High Fidelity and then erred in re-viewing the Cusack transposition to Chicago, USA.

Of course, it will appear a work of faithful genius come the day How to be Good gets the same transatlantic trampling.

Ever ready to test The Girl's blasphemy-proof sense of humour - not to mention proportion - I muttered dourly about saving our dwindling shekels for sodium and soda at a front-seat viewing of Aeon Flux. ("David Edelstein sorta liked it - or at least got some damn'd funny quips in.") Wry sourire.

Meanwhile, well timed for the Narnia opening, the LA Times checks out the vision of billionaire Philip Anschutz, owner of the film's producer Walden Media.

  • A sequel, 'Prince Caspian', already in the planning stage for 2007 holiday release if all goes well in the wardrobe.
  • Moves towards adding a book imprint.
  • Thoughts of expanding into TV production and video games.

  • Comments:
    I just had a positive book to film experience, so much so I will it share it with you. Over Thanksgiving I read "In Cold Blood" and was riveted so decide to further prepare myself for the upcoming "Capote" film by seeing the movie version. The shadowy black and white images and almost verbatim-from-the-book dialogue really worked for me. This 1967 movie was filmed in the house where the real-life incident occurred (creepy... shudder). If this does not wash the saccharine taste of C S Lewis out your mouth, nothing will. Oh, and the Quincy Jones soundtrack was quite a time capsule.
    Donna D
    Good tip. Quincy J sound track, huh? Sounds a class act. I might have to follow that up.
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