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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Leung's Delight

Hamid's Revenge

To Bagels & Beans to collect some loot.

My spiritual comforter has left me a boîte of rose & lemon flavoured sweetmeats in with coin of the realm for some lute strings I picked up for hubby.

Expecting only a flat envelope of readies, I tear the wrapping away and instruct the expert Justin to fashion me the costliest flavored latte on the Bagels & Beans menu, all the while enjoying the sight that every parent knows all to well:

  • Patronne Lisa bending to the task of Christmasizing the bageleria
  • Enter hunky hulky son (why is it petite perfectly proportioned moms produce lanky offspring?)
  • Fruit of Loins: "Yo, mom" (grabs what he needs), "See ya, mom"
  • Toiling mom: "Later, darling"

    I sink latte and leave, pausing via Rite-Aid to collect soothing unguents for aching unemployed bod.

    Arrive at till with purchase and box of Turkish Dels.

    Assistante scans 'em all. Say what? The Turkeria ain't registering.

    Me: "No, the candy's not from here."

    A: "Dorene, what're we selling our - er - 'Turkish Delight' at?"

    Me" "No, this isn't from- "

    A: Aisle 8, I'm guessing."

    Me: "I'll be most impressed, you stock this ...."

    Dorene: "Wossat agin, Tanqueray?"

    A (accusatory): "We don't stock this."

    Me: "No. Gift from my guru".

    How can I possibly think of quitting this city?

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