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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Favorite D├ęcor

Bobby's Blotter continues its dangerous sway as some of the perkiest writing around.

"Two framed prints were reported stolen from a Park View Drive home.

The prints disappeared during the past four years [My emphasis]. No suspects."

Can't you just picture it?

"Hold on ... didn't there used to be a print over there?"

"Did there, dear? What print?"

"Oh *you* know, Horace ... the one my mother gave us ... 'Chevron Flight' - the nice one of geese over Eagle Harbor by her friend in the nursing home."

"Geese? I don't remember any geese. You sure you're not thinking of 'Tally Ho!', the one with all them horses and geezers in red coats?"

"That's upstairs, over the bed."

"So it is."

"And where's my favorite? 'Monarch of the Glen'. It used to be over there ... or was it there? Horace - do pay attention, this is serious."

"Which Glen? All I remember is the one with all the trees ..."

"Do take more interest in the house, dear. We gave 'Dusk over Ullswater' to Georgina to take up to college."

"Blimey, I bet she was pleased with that. Perfect match for her Bill Frisell posters, I *don't* think."

"Try to stay focused, Horace. We need to report this. We may have been burgled ..."

"I say, do you really think so? I need to check my stamp album ... when do you think the buggers got in?"

"Let's see ... well, we moved in August 2001, so that must mean ..."

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