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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Drunk dumped 1,000 miles from Home

The few commercial airline pilots I've known have been quiet-spoken types, level-headed and not easily thrown.

I know it's cabin staff that take the initial brunt of loutish passenger behavior, but the buck stops with the Captain and it can't be easy juggling a steady timely flight course with the safety, comfort and satisfaction of the passengers and deal with the occasional inebriated idiot in such a way as to avoid a PR flare-up at the other end.

That's what makes it so stirring to read of the decisive dumping of an unruly Mancunian on an island miles from home.

Also covered with a little more color and quotes in the Guardian.

I trust the passengers burst into spontaneous applause as the oaf was marched off, his luggage tumbled onto the tarmac.

I expect the crew felt pretty good, too.

Now *that* is a man worth serving under.

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