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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Clinical Manipulation

Rather good lecture by Harold Pinter as winner of this year's Nobel Prize for Literature.

Nicely judged reference to poodle Blair as "a bleating little lamb tagging behind the US on a lead."

I really hope they stick it to the bouffanted has-been for those 'rendition' flights, and how *very* funny that it should be a bunch of anorak plane watchers who deliver the definitive proof.

Full text here.

D├ępartement d'Esprit d'escalier: I remember Alan Bennet telling me he'd been called up by some reporter for a comment on Pinter winning some accolade.

"Of course, one can never think of anything to say at the time.

Later, of course, I realised I should have suggested two minutes' silence."

My Lord Moss of Ma Wan will like that one.

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