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Monday, December 12, 2005


Much too good not to share, and there are some gems of translations that - like the hilarious English as She is Spoke - make me suspect it went from Chinese via at least two other tongues before finally being being wrestled into English.

Talk about Chinese Whispers.

They remind me of a time in Hong Kong when I seemed to spend my whole time as copywriter coming up with poetic descriptions for perfectly banal dishes that needed final approval by brusque Shanghainese Food & Beverage managers whose own grasp of the lingo was pretty bizarre to start with.

I yearned to throw literacy to the winds and just go for broke on the craziest lewdest fantastic concoctions imaginable. And you know what? I bet the clients would have beamed their approval as if to say "At last we see your skills - now  you're getting it!"

For inspiration, I'd have needed look no further than the below ...

In the next one, I love "Butter many privates"

... and *what* is the 'Cow river' dish below all about, I wonder?

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