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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Belt up - and happy hols

I don't know what I would have done if I'd been driving by and knew it was the Filth posing as a panhandler.

Makes one wish one had a powerful water pistol filled with exceedingly indelible ink of some frightful hue.

Reminds me of when we lived in Hong Kong's Shek O.

The road swooped wonderfully down to sea level and one could get up some decent speed on the dawn drive home.

Suddenly the Hong Kong fuzz took it into in their heads to mount Saturday morning speed traps, using the entrance to Jerry Remedios' drive for their horrid gear.

Irked the hell out of everyone, and of course netted all sorts of people as they zoomed off to their golf game.

At that hour, robber baron Jerry was usually snoring off the effects of Friday night at the Club but when he was told how his property was being used he went into an incensed rant and determined to have the amah rouse him at some ungodly hour just so he could go charging up the drive in the Wolseley and send them flying.

"Not my fault if I don't know the buggers are there, what? Bloody entrapment, I call it. My property, after all. No jury would convict."

In the end he had the fah wong  strategically arrange half a dozen hoses so that every angle was covered and then gum-shoed up a side path til he had the Law in view. Then, just when they were crouching to their task, he turned the taps on full blast so that they got a thorough dousing.

Wish I'd been there.

"Never laughed so much in my life. Bloody worthwhile getting up at that insane hour just to see the blighters stepping lively. Of course, I had them completely covered and they couldn't very well dash into the road or they'd get run over by the poor bastard they were trying to nick. God how I laughed."

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