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Friday, November 25, 2005

Unlucky 13

Emailed to pals this bit of useless booky trivia and got such a prompt reaction it might be worth the light of blog.

I suggested it begged the question, 'So what? We may be nowhere near a book in 2007', but clearly not.

For smartie-pantaloon devotees of one-up-personship, come mid-2006, when all around are gasping and predicting chaos, you can say "Knew that. Old hat."

  • January 1, 2007: Fuddy-duddy 10-digit ISBN will become a 13-digit number.

  • Not just no more new 10-digit ISBNs, but recalculation to 13-digit form *all* ISBNs assigned to avail titles and conversion of unused ISBNs.
  • Touch-ette of Biblio_Y2K there.
  • Do we sense webby overtime for certain online book listers ... ?

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