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Monday, November 07, 2005

Madoka 2

A second successful visit to classy hit nosherie, Madoka.

My date missed the ferry that would have enabled us to catch the earlier showing of Legend of Zorro so we turned up just after 2100hrs.

Nae problem. We were shown to a perfect table.

Movie: Worthless drivel, far too long, excessive CGI on the equines, and an irritating Zorro fils emulating "pappy". This franchise is born to run, dammit - oh, and even the delectable Zeta J's magnificent cleavage also palled.

As my companion quipped, an "ap-pall-ing" reaction from a soi-disant red-blooded male.

As I pointed out, she could speak, flaunting an eyeful of canyon

Menu: Readers demand details:

Service impéccable comme d'ailleurs.

Our waitress had THE sweetest smile and was attentive to a fault.

The water boy was none other than Brandon, handsome swain of BI's hottest chick, Brianna, currently in Greece on model duty.

Shout out to Brandon: as we waited for the shrimp plate to be cleared, I commented how nice it'd be to have some bread with which to mop that delicious sauce.

No sooner murmured than master B was there asking to clear the dishes but instantly observing that, hey, would we like some bread to soak up the sauce?

My date: "That is amazing. I was thinking the very thing, then you commented, then he offered."

Majorly good customer service.

Were Brandon not already odiously good looking, *plus* man of Brianna (for how long?), I'd say he had a future. As it is, he is doomed every which way ....

Final touch: the owners have it totally right, just by hiring Safeway's chevalière de tastevin, M- , as greeter and general swan-arounder.

I'd never seen her look lovelier or more regal.

She stood out in Safeway as a woman of beauty and class, but Saturday night she was womanly perfection.

I'm sure she's married or some such, but were she not - despite, I daresay - it will/would not be long before some moneyed hotshot would spot her, lay a slick line on this shrewd tottie, and she'd never have to finger as cash register again.

First-rate food, superb service.

My local caff for all posh dining hereon.

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