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Monday, November 28, 2005

Laid Off #4

Dateline Monday Nov 28, 1100hrs:Further puzzlement.

Mail from O quoting all previous mails and telling me that there'd' been a new CS suprema in my seat the very next day after Ieft. Still no official notice of my leaving.

Did I mind that he'd forwarded my mail to others I'd worked well with?>

Entre-nous rumbling in the ranks about presumption they needed someone to look over their shoulders.

  • How was it? Because certain folks none too happy about the way this all handled.

    Customers: They've been calling my extension and, far from getting a disconnected, getting some female vox who a) Knows nothing about our previous chats, b) Is giving them grief about fixing what I'd been on the way to solving,

    What's going on?

    Meanwhile, I'm applying for work and need that CEO rave reference.

    I beg everyone to keep schtoom. All my misunderstanding.

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