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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

silly old moo

Everyone Who's Anyone under threat

One of my favourite must-read blogs - Michael Allen in his Grumpy Old Bookman rôle - reports on a matter beyond bookishness, and it is my duty to share and propagate Mr Allen's concern.

If you read his piece on the harmless and put-upon Gerard Jones, ask not who is threatened: we're all of us Under Threat thanks to the idiot antics of a Miss Carolyn A. Hampton, Vice President of the Litigation Counsel for Universal Studios (whatever that position might consist of, apart from taking dictation from her employers).

She is being particularly weedy and pompous.

No-one makes trouble in Bainbridge so my home city is off the hook, but I urge my other red-blooded readers, from clannish Clapham to duelling-democracy Hong Kong, to heed old Grumpers when he suggests that,

"If you agree with my position on this matter, you may care to write to Carolyn Hampton and say so.

"On the other hand" - as he even-handedly goes on - "if you think she is dead right, you might also care to write to her.

She will probably be very pleased to hear from you, because I don't think she'll get many like that."

I'm sure she won't, and I'm losing no time writing to her to commiserate on that very point.

What an appalling silly old moo the woman sounds, to be sure.

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