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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Clash of the Titians

Dateline: Bainbridge, Nov 4:

I would not like to be an island folkie with fealty issues tonight.

Talk about torn loyalties ....

In the blue corner, attended hand and foot by complaisant consort, Edward Jay Williams - presenting Miss Georgia Browne, First Fridaying at the Island Center, 7:30pm.

Or rather, it's Bainbridge Parks who are doing the presenting of the fragrant Miss B.

In the shimmering emerald corner, also at 7:30pm, the diva herself, Ms Barbara Deering "and Friends":

  • "Live' at the ambience-cosy Pegasus Coffee House.
  • $4.00 donations, and I dare any man to scrimp under Barbara's gimlet gaze.

    Dilemma - whose gig to attend?

    Whose ever's I do, I'll be duffed up by the other mob.

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