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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Chazz & Cam

Charles and Camilla do America.

On such royal jaunts, it's the Telegraph's take I look to.

Jokers like Lauer and Couric on the 'Today' show can only be fawning and as for that dreadful Aussie 'expert' with her nasal pronouncements ....

La Duchesse is clearly a super lady and my sympathy goes out to her.

She looks like my granny, so she can do no wrong.

Alas, it being against this country's law to look wrinklie and homely, she will not sway the populace or the mincing press.

Just what the White Housed gnome does *not* need at this time, his credibility in tatters and now expected to behave with an inkling of aplomb.

The trouble with Royal visits is that the media feel the need to go into unctuous mode, including bizarre interpretations of gentility. The carnage comes when this spills over into speech and vo-ca-bu-lary with folks deciding they need to put two articulate words together.

Under such circumstances, the nation is at its characteristically most defenceless.

First Lady Laura is the only one with class in that bunch but even she can't save the day here.

Serve the Gnome right, having to don bib and tucker and sit thru a posh meal.

I love that the gifts from the royal couple included essays by Winston.

Eeek, a book. And one by a 'statesman'.

The ironies are too delicious, and they will keep coming ere this visit is through and C and C can finally collapse into their seats on the Royal Flight and Charles give his lady a well-deserved hug for services beyond the call of.

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