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Monday, November 21, 2005


I'm the only person I know who finds the curiously-named Bono wholly unconvincing.

I don't even know whence he took that curious nomen.

Is it some abbreviation? Of a modest nickname like Paddy "Cui Bono" O'Reilly (or whatever his proper name is)?

I've just watched him on 'Sixty Minutes", still with those pretentious eye-coverings that can hardly serve duty against light of any brightness, spouting his standard gloss, albeit with that Robin Williams-style wiggling of his fine chin and regulation sine qua non  brown furrow and serioso expression.

I've no doubt he's emoting good stuff but I find the whole self-conscious visual more distracting than the words.

I'm told I have somewhere in my collection a "Joshua" album, and that someone called "Edge" is listed on guitar.

I don't now want to trace it in case it turns out to be true.

Bizarre performance.

It's "The Edge," aka Dave Evans.
74Thanks. Whoever, whatever. Where do they think these names up? Still not a convincing performance by Mister 'Pro' "Bono".
"Bono Vox", I think it was.
Ah so. Thanks. Still sounds dodgy Latin to me.
It's also dodgy to use the same nickname you had when you were 16, but since he's in the same band he was in when he was 16, I guess he's sort of stuck. I can't imagine still being at it with the same guys from comprehensive school at 45, but there they are.
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