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Saturday, November 05, 2005

The 'artie' bits

Clever Jeff Bezos has come up with a brilliant wheeze whereby we no longer have to pay for the whole dreary work to read the "good bits."

The brilliant Craig Brown once published a slim volume of extracts of only The Dirty Bits.

The clever advertising line was, "The book that falls open at every page."

I am inspired to quit my boring day job and set up a web page with an exorbitant membership fee but once in, members will have access to precise page numbers for the juicy bits in every major work of literature.

I am recruiting my research team even as I type ....

Lady Chatterley: pages 25, 33, 44-51, 68, and 70-74

Wilt: 12, 28, 41-50, 62

Gypsy's Curse: 45, 36, 39-43, 58

Lust in the Swamps: 12, 18, 45-56, 61, 70-7-85

Holy Bible: er ... just read it from cover to cover, is my suggestion

Et cetera.

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