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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Smokes ban: "in chaos"

Talk about an all-purpose dream headline. Good old Guardian.

Insert the noun of your choice for 'Smoking' and you can apply it to any  interfering Nanny state legislation.

Nor is it one of those teasers that look glorious from afar but end up being the same old dreary rubbish about The Man sticking it to us once again.

No, indeed.

With lipsmacking satisfaction, we learn how,

"The [British] government's anti-smoking legislation was in chaos last night after Patricia Hewitt [UK Health Secretary] found herself the victim of a cabinet committee revolt, leaving the government bereft of a policy two days before it is due to publish its legislation."

In chaos ... bereft ... two days short of the busybodies cracking open the champagne. One's cup runneth over.

Sorry, but you miss the point. This legislation is about freedom of choice, and stopping some smoking fanatics from hurting others. Smokers should simply stub out, thats why this law is introduced.

Smokers interfere at others lives, not government.
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