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Monday, October 03, 2005

Skating on steal nerves

For the weekend, I borrow even higher grader Home Theater equipment from the office to test and familiarize for the further care of our customers.

I rent the DVD of Steal, directed by Gérard Pirès who has a high-pitched squeaky voice and what looks like one of those decoders with which the thoat-cancerous are fitted so as to be able to continue to honk at us.

He seems The Man for action movies, of which this a superb example.


  • Stephen Dorff .... Slim
  • Gorgeous Natasha Henstridge, "the 'Species' chick" (as she's known) currently tele-viewable as silken treachery in Geena Davis' must-see Commander-in-Chief.... Karen
  • Bruce Payne .... splendidly loathsome as the crooked Lt. Macgruder
  • Steven Berkoff .... his usual physically repulsive self as Surtayne, albeit hampered by inability to conjure up American accent
  • Karen Cliche .... almost as sexy as Natasha H as an athletic Alex

    henstridgeAn expert stunt team of extreme skaters make the stars look cool in stunning acrobatics.

    Extra pleasure for me in that Ms Henstridge is a dead ringer for a fave lady who no longer lives in WA but is on the opposite coast ministrating to lucky latest boyfriend.

    karen clicheNow I get to watch my friend in silly movies and enjoy the reminder of how she delicately flairs those nostrils.

    Ms Cliché (left) being no slouch either in the looks department - in fact, a little brighter looking than the rather plastic NH - I'm impressed to find them both in the same movie and wonder if any sparks flew during filming or over the billing, of which KC enjoys very little.

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