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Monday, October 24, 2005

"Own a movie for less than a movie ticket."

The motto of the enticingly named Scilla Andreen, interviewed with business partner, Gian-Carlo Scandiuzzion, on their clever idea for IndieFlix.

Read all abaht it, page 27, Arts&LEISURE section of the NY Times, or online via your free-registered access to John Anderson's piece about how, "Once It Was Direct to Video, Now It's Direct to the Web".

The business sounds a bit like our own Bainbridge Island cloggery on the building front: what with cheaper technology and "a seemingly inexhaustible hipness quotient", more filmmakers and films are crowding the scene resulting in costlier distribution cautiouser outlets, returns on investment more dubious.

So what about more general fare? I hear you cry - them with no stars, budgets or hope?

Enter IndieFlix:


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