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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Murder UK

A literally lurid web site catches my eye.

It is posing as an "educational resource ... documenting the crimes of Murder & Manslaughter in the UK", but the design is too appalling and complete lack of color sense mark it as the brainchild of some adolescent mind.

There is a section on child killers which I check for anything remotely new or sensible on the Bulger case.

It's a hobby of mine to post on the subject and I'm always on the look-out for new sites to bookmark.

There is indeed a section devoted to Venables and Thompson but the incompetent ninny mispells him Venebals.

I suppose it could be a ploy to flush Venables out of hiding: get his name so idiotically wrong that the murderer is enraged into blowing his cover with some indignant correctionm but something tells me not.

Nothing so cunning. Just out and out sloppiness, ignorance and inadequacy for the job.

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