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Friday, October 07, 2005

King's 'Kid' eBay'd for a king's ransom

I find it distasteful beyond description in polite company to read a single word the soi-disant "Bard of Maine" cranks out.

However, many writers I admire find Stephen King le roi de cauchemar.

Great movies emerge, but the man himself is far from on speaking terms with the alphabet.

(Pause to remove rancid grape pips from molars).

Anyway, he's "so hot that an advance copy of his latest novel, The Colorado Kid, was stolen and sold for $1,623 on eBay."

You'd think that, with their royalist shenanigans over the years, our Versailles homies would *own* all terms for a K's R.

Mais non! Tout simple, c'est "une somme fabuleuse."

Knowing that, buskerian readers are all set for when La Comtesse turns up for hot chocolat and a sympa ear.

"Zey 'ave - 'ow you say? - keednapped Jean-François ... once again."

"But, my dear" - voice throbbing with sincerity, a manly paw draped casually over her slender épaules - "how absolutely frightful. This is *too* too boring.

I suppose they're demanding 'une somme fabuleuse' ... the swines."

The gaze she will turn on you will be dewey, and it won't all be tears of longing for absent mari .

Dear Busker,

I have a suggestion: it would be wonderful for those of us who are not conversant in the lingua franca to have a link to a french-english dictionary in order to translate your eloquent musings. The University of Chicago has a wonderful site worth looking into.

Also, though I don't have the time at the moment, I would be happy to sit down with you (and a pint) and open your eyes to the relative merits of Bard of Maine. Could it be that the delay in announcing the Nobel for Literature is because they are getting ready to stun the world by naming him?

Very Truly Yours,
Pray God King never gets any*where* near a 'proper' honour. And sorry, no dictionary.
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