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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

j cash

Johnny Cash

From my favourite Renaissance man, Richard Wells, this superb memorial to the Man in Black, God rest and nurture his immortal soul.

Damn, that's got to be some barnstorming strumming going down up there ....

Quite apart from his quietly good blog, Richard was one of the few people I worked with at my last employ whom I never tired of bumping into - kitchen, elevator, passing in the corridor - and to watch him in action conducting a global conference call was to watch professionalism and humour in action.

JC giving the fingerSome people seem to need to splatter their autobiog details around before they think they can get known - guilty, I fear - but Richard I knew no more about when I exited château d'├ęspair, 10:17 that sunny mid-July morning than when we'd met five years earlier.

Typical of the man, he sent me a succinct message of good wishes following my departure, along the dour lines of assuming it was messy and appalling. Cheered me up no end, more than my lovely lady friends' flattering wailing and renting of garments or the equally faithful heavy mob who asked only for names, addresses and precise body parts to which I fancied the Black & Decker be applied.

And yet, as the dust settled and I treated myself to thinking back, he was one of the good guys I wished I'd got to know better.

Et voilà! I have his blog to keep the voice and humour alive.

Do yourself a pleasure and cast an eye thereover.

He's there in my list of fave clicks: Wells Singh.

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