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Monday, October 03, 2005



Polite 'Friendlyguy1212' leaves me a nice message on my Greek blog and a link to his guitar tutorial.

CHI reply to him there and include a copy here, since it concerns the guitar.

The idea appeals in a perverse way: What a shock for Larry and the lads (not to mention me) if, after two score years and three, I ventured to take my first actual lesson on the kitharā.

But what a riveting subject to tackle if I managed to persevere to Lesson 5 or even further.

And think what would happen to Friendlyguy's business if I emerged with any skill on the instrument and mentioned it in my blog(s)?

But no - I must be responsible. I would be condemning Friendly to the same jam as Stinking Bishop cheese: Inundated with orders beyond the dreams of avarice, he would collapse from exhaustion and be forced to leave the fretted world forever.

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