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Sunday, October 16, 2005


Now there's  a juicy moniker for a nation that loves putting numbers to everything.

Like, "9/11", without which most Brits would still be unaware that we date the wrong way round on this side of the Atlantic.

And now H5N1.

Sounds particularly good in a southern accent, and it won't be long, I fear, before it's sounding alarums in *any* sort of accent.

At present, it's largely met with bovine - make that avian - bewilderment or outright dismissal.

Post scriptum: The always pertinent 'Chele comments with two effective links:

  • Effective Measure, with its "Et Tu, Greece" report (now confirmed).
  • And, proof that anyone not worried to heck is simply very  badly informed, Flu Wiki

    Since it's in the news, no point missing out on a bit of touristy touting: Chios is rather a nice isle, gifted with a surprisingly cool site. Rather unGreek for some of the techniques used.

  • And why not a pic gallery of Oinousses itself? After all, who would have heard of it had it not been for H5N1 (or however the Hellenic press have it).

  • Comments:
    From http://effectmeasure.blogspot.com/, one of the most reliable public health news sources (and one of the brains behind FluWiki--see http://www.fluwikie.com) here's some new info about Greece & H5N1:

    "Bird flu doesn't care if you are a member of the EU or just an EU wannabe (like Romania or Turkey). That's what Greece is finding out, as it reports turkeys on the eastern Aegean island of Chios with H5 infection. Confirmation that it is H5N1 is pending, but given the experience of Romania and Turkey (and maybe Bulgaria and Croatia), few would bet this is Low Pathogenic H5N2."
    Thanks and ulp, Chele. Not good news for Corfu-dwelling mama and probably grim news for Tuscany-based-but-all-Europe-his-beat landscaping brother.
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