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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Foul Taste Guy

The peddy-fogging Resumé Refurbisher has nothing on his thuggish henchman when it comes to personal publicity with legs.

According to the lead letter in today's Review (Oct 8), exasperation over Jimmy boy's olsenile utterings is being felt as far afield as Virginia Beach, Va.

In one sentence, Kara E. Hughes pretty well sums up the whole peddiful saga to which we've lately been subjected.

It merits reproduction:

"I was appalled to see this story about how the fire department had to take down their pancake breakfast signs because some guy whose boss lost a mayoral bid had a foul taste in his mouth."

  • Meanwhile, it's the foul stench in his *nostrils* that the excellent Bainbridge Beat can no longer take. He's had it up to here.

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    KarEN Hughes is the President's officially sanctioned propogandista. It was KaRA Hughes in Virginia Beach. Your post sent me scrambling to the Review to verify your post.
    Good catch.
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