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Saturday, October 29, 2005

mick jagger/jeff siner, charlotte observer

Curry-n-Rice Girl

The laughter in the rafters has woken the children and they have come down to enjoy the dawn rumpus.

Hilarity everywhere as we conga through the rooms to the hit tune of the season - Curry-N-Rice Girl.

No, not the two Tims; nor Mick and Keith's cavortings, for which the clans have gathered.

It is the glorious viral video sent me by that Dapper Dhoti'd Dan, my ear-piece on the Sub, the pre-eminent Richard Wells.


"I really want to find the right girl,

I want a Curry-N-Rice girl ...

I really don't want a white girl ...."

stonesMiranda managed the New Jersey/Seatac leg, but confused Bainbridge with Bremerton and almost treated herself to an extra ferry trip.

Louisa and Philip win the coveted "Shidoobee of the Year" Award, jetting in from Norwich avec kids, which we all acknowledge as terribly grand and adds to our entertainment as we watch the princelings lord it over their American cousins with the latest fashionable Anglo prissiness.

Phil's cell phone has not left his ear - even as he wheezes and waddles to an approximation of the Curry beat:

"You like my Biodata?

B-I-O ~ D-A-T-A"

He appears to be on the phone to Hong Kong and Perth and *also* seems to be recouping the price of all their tickets in one slick deal. Louisa affects exasperation but clearly enjoys our sour-grape jealous snarls at her Alpha Male provider mate.

Louisa owns up to once having had an Indian boyfriend, which of course pricks our curiosity over his Sutric wizardry but we are silenced by her frown and curt nod in the direction of the children who are of course equally agog.

We launch into a variation about wanting a "curry and rice boy" which to all our satisfaction sends a shadow of petulance across Philip's urbane and pampered features.

Untrammel'd by even passable human good looks, and lacking any agility on the dance floor, 'Bunter' Phil escaped the fate dealt to you and me, passing his Oxbridge and office junior years free of the distractions of sex and cloying attention of acquiescent young ladies.

Instead, he invested his lonely evenings in becoming very numerate and pompous and unjustifiably rich.

stones_2L., while fitting every mother's ideal of a dutiful virginal daughter-in-law, has a "past", over which veils seem to be drawn, although rumour has it that a return visit to a certain Cambridge college and *all* Oxford May Balls are out.

But to The Concert: Press reports make clear that the lads are on form, which is more than I will be come 7:30 Sunday if this level of merriment keeps up.

I have alerted my boss to expect a certain bedragglement of appearance come my arrival around noon Monday.

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