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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Carlos Cabana

I make sure to read Chip's Binary Circ because his antenna ranges wide and ever-surprising.

His posting on dollish Carlos is a classic.

I forwarded the link to gay Nikos in straightish Corfu and he of course replied sans delay, protesting at the name:

"Kristos! Please tell, Is no way 'Carlos'. Is Ahmed. And that body way he stand - no way he gay. Just beef pastry doesn't know posturise.

I met your mother in town, who looks well.

Have one Cabana for me."

Dear Nik. I met him while bartending in Corfu during the building of my parents' house when there wasn't room for elder son, so I roomed at the Bogdanos Hotel for bartending n guitar plucking rent.

Up glides sculpted N n asks for a drink for him n his buds - and one for me.

I'd just discovered Cabana which I polluted with colas, so that was my poison.

On hearing my taste. Nik's eyes glowed and he asked me if I'd seen the label on the bottle. I hadn't and looked nervously at it,

"I'm sorry. CabaÑa, is it?"

Ribald Greek laughter which at the time I didn't understand.

"No - the picture on the bottle. You have seen?"

I hadn't, not that closely. More ribald laughter.

Nik: "Is 'gay' drink?"

Me: "Well, perhaps. Yes, I do get happy after a few more belts, but I've only just started."

Genial ribbing, they sit down, I strum un peu, more orders, more winks and squeezes of cheeks and puny bronzed arms.

Challenges to come clean and out myself.

Around 11 pm, my parents arrive after sumptuous dinner free of hanger-on elder son.

Nik's table leaps up and everyone embraces mama and bows low to dad. Old pals.

Mum advances on me and gives maternal hug.

Nik: "You know this boy?"

Mum: "He's my son"

Confusion and much mockery from Nik's pals.

N: "But I think he gay."

Dad: "Perhaps you could convey that to the seemingly changing array of young ladies he entertains in our pool."

Ever since then, whenever Nikos has visited spiti Holmes, it's been big hugs and a "Your usual Cabana, Nik?"

I always gaze on the Cabana in the local likker store with fondness.

Note to Nikos: Yassou philos mou! Ti kanis? I said I'd get you into my βλωγ in the end.


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