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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Burgeoning Bainbridge Bloggers

Goodness, I had no idea Bainbridge housed so many of us.

I only know about all this activity thanks (as usual) to Julie Leung.

Mrs. Leung may look as if she glides serenely around in gossamer all day, correcting the occasional misplaced pluperfect in a perfect child's exercise book, but in my  book, she's the one who does the heavy lifting research.

When I first saw the name, Seedlings & Sprouts, I thought ho-hum, contrary Mary and how does her garden grow 'n' all that, but the truth is closer to Jack, the giant, and that power-sprouting organically grown beanstalk.

Anyway, Julie's delivered *the* definitive blogroll of local tappers which should stay current until - ohh, at least next Wednesday.

Check the list out. Gasp in disbelief. Stare accusingly at your neighbor.

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