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Thursday, October 20, 2005


Blogger Scoble

It's an unusual enough name to stick in the recess of a memory.

I seem to recall a Scoble or Scobie being mentioned in despatches awhile back.

Wish I could remember by whom - Clint Sharp?

Anyway, the current issue of Microsoft Executive Circle carries an interview with a bloke of that name.

The article's titled Everybody’s doing it!, and the 'it' seems to be blogging, so it sounds to be the same chap.

Does anyone know what this Scoble/Scobie cove looks like? Is that him up there looking like some hearty rugby-coaching assistant chaplain?

He's interviewed by a Megan Santosus, and I suppose I ought to quote a chunk to lure you to click and read further.

Hard to come up with anything that actually stiffens the sinews and gets the blood pumping, but this might set a misleadingly alluring tone:

"Scoble roams the halls of Microsoft with a camcorder and posts the video interviews he conducts with developers. As for process, “there are no filters and little editing,” Scoble says. “I’ve established a relationship network, and generally I get invited to interview the developers.”

And while Scoble still maintains his personal blog—and even occasionally criticizes Microsoft there (as he did recently over the company’s position on a gay rights bill)—he says neither he nor his bosses have issues reconciling his dual roles. “I wouldn’t have the opportunity to do the blog at Microsoft if I hadn’t established credibility and relationships on my personal blog,” he notes."

I know. Nail-biting stuff.

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