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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Animal Practices

Bulger batterers Thompson and Venables are really  in hot water now.

That bastion of decorum and taste, The Sun, has discovered that Rob Thompson “practised” on animals.

If master Venables got a duffing up, that'll be nothing compared to what animal-rightist Brits will wreak on junkie T.

I advise him to quit animal-loving Britain and move henceforth to Italy or Greece where they have these 4-legged creatures in some sort of perspective.

True or not, who cares? What a great headline, "Fiends start on animals."

Robert's the one getting free methadone on the state to ease his craving for heroin; Venables is the unfortunate what gone done over where he shouldn't not 'ave been.

Meanwhile, I hear from my mole in a certain booksy warehouse that the fictionalized Boy A is not speeding off the shelves and onto discerning bookshelves.

For anyone wondering whence I get this oddball press coverage, I am sent them by a devoted reader who knows how to cover "her" IP tracks.

Not that I'm interested in tracing Ms "Deirdre" but I have pals in my old alma mater , Coercia. com ("Customer Care-sses for the gentry"), who *know* about these things and react predictably when I mop my brow and sigh, "Really, don't bother. It's too hard - even for you."

Down goes the mug of tequila, onto the Busker PC, pretty soon they're murmuring gibberish into cell phones, "Hey, man, I'm running a ping on XYZ and I'm getting a ABC. C'n you gimme a read on DEF? I'm getting as far as GHI n then it's giving me a JKL.

No, I'm at a buddy's and he needs to trace some mail."

All the while, I'm dancing around in the background assuring, "No, really, Jason - it's OK. I know how impossible these things are."

"Is all cool, dude. We gone crack this one. Hey, can ya pass me my glass?"

"But of course."

The next piece in the jigsaw felt aslant into the piece when I was entertaining a policier pal over from Blighty and we fell to discussing the Bulger case and I showed him the mails from "Deirdre".

"This is a member of the Force. But not a woman. See here? The wording? This is pre-1980 fuzz-speke and no WPC would be using it.

I'd be prepared to bet this is someone who served overseas and was then transferred out of the Met, but don't quote me."

Friends in knowledgeable places. I bet the News of the Screws don't have that sort of analysis going for them.

On the other hand, I'm afraid they do.

You do know the true facts about Mrs Denise Fergus nee Bulger.

She makes Mr Thompson and Venables look like angels.
I do *NOT* know the "true facts" of the decidedly fanciable looking Bulger mère, but am agog. Make those hooligans look like angels? Goodness - I can't wait.

How annoying that i need to look back to see this excellent comment. I wish there was some consistency to when I'm emailed over comments.
The good ones seem to get lost and the dreary and ill-informed comment zap unerringly to myin-box with the speed of summer lightning.
She makes them look like angels? I can not even begin to explain how angery that makes me. there is nothing Denise could ever do to make those discuting little bastards look like angels. I highly suggest you read some of the crime files containing what those evils little shits did to that poor little baby, then you tell me agian that anything could make them look like angels. The whole thing makes me absolutetly sick.
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