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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Wrongly Branded

~ Venables watch ~

Bad luck on Mr Calvert since he clearly is NOT Jon Venables, of Venables and Thompson notoriety, but how interesting that we have moved ahead with the hunting down of the murderous duo - singly or en pair - and are now into citizenry sightings with all the accompanying lynch mob behavior.

I've long been puzzled over how long the two Bulgerizers have eluded identification and the uncustomary slowness of the internet to have sprouted sightings, imaginary or for real.

But it does allow for speculation and wild guesses, of which mine include confidence that the lads are both net-savvy and have all search engines tuned to collect every mention of their names and foul crime.

In which case, they will be reading of the mistaken fingering of David Calvert and feeling the hot breath of the posse on their noose-free necks.

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