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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

royal dolls' house library

Working for the Royal Household

I was going to feature Queen Mary's Dolls' House but then it occurred to me that no-one has time for dolls' houses any more, so I decided on a more practical subject - Royle Toil.

(But admit it - you all thought that shot of a library over there was taken right here in Castle Busker. Well, no - it's the dolls' house library. Impressive, huh?)

Yes, as I was saying - Royal toyal, or however you want to pronounce it. It doesn't actual matter much because if any of you lot *did* by some fluke land a position like scullery maid in Balmoral or deputy yeoman flunkey over with Chazzer and his new lady, first thing they'd do is send you to electrolocution lessons, as your Georgie Bush man has it.

But I thought I'd dangle the opportunities in front of you all the same. No harm in showing folks how they might better themselves.

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