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Monday, September 05, 2005

Thuggish Fatwa

Bravo our BI Review planting its - and our - standard firmly in the Kordonowy/Tooloee camp.

"Feral council", indeed - how often do you spot deft dictionary play of *that* caliber these days?

Meanwhile, over in the Letters section of the "Islander", Pedd-estrian henchman Jimmy Ølsen is camping it up for guffaws:

  1. Mangling that Hamlet reference to stately rottenness in Denmark.
  2. Stirring it up with 'Thugs-under-the-rug' scare tactics and mutterings of corrosive fatwas
  3. Burbling on about poster-plastering our isle from the back seat of a troika.

It's all a devilish wheeze to play foot-in-mouth butler clown so we end up feeling sorry for His Peddy-ship and vote him in on name recognition, sympathy, and gratitude for the giggle.

Deuced cunning. Might just work.

Let's see after tonight's (Wednesday 9/7) debate, 7pm City Hall.

Stop Press: A bit unfair that the Review gets the sensible stuff and the Islander gets the nutters, but a splendid letter gracing today's Review from Emily Groff, asking why the excitable Ølsen is so keen to have Groff mère chucked in clinky.

What a very lively  debate it should be tonight, to be sure.

$64,000 question: Will Herr Peddy-Cure risk allowing his headstrong aide-de-camp to mingle with the gentry?

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