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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

wanna be sedated

Teen Sex

Looks like I *am* going to be where I wanted to be this Thursday evening, 9/22,

  • Place : Seated in Eagle Harbor Books

  • Time: 7:30pm

  • Listening: to Nancy Blakey talking up “Sex Education,” from “I Wanna Be Sedated, and taking frantic notes for my blog report.

  • I have the book, spurred on by the write-up in the Sept 17 Review (keyword 'blakey')

  • Also look forward to hearing: Seattle parents Carolyn Harvey and Beth Herrild and island contributor Jennifer Easley, authors of “Comfortable Chaos

  • Info': 842-5332.

    Taster from Rhona Schwartz's Review piece

    "For island author Nancy Blakey, no topic was taboo or eyebrow-raising when it came to talking to her four children.

    Until the day the island mom asked her 16-year-old daughter if she was having sex.

    Jenna smiled, looked down at her hands and replied, “Why do you ask?”

    Blindsided by this implicit “yes,” Blakely said she “spewed” and was stunned by her own reaction.

    What happened next became the fodder for her essay “Sex Education,” which is included in "I Wanna Be Sedated" (Seal Press)"

    Such a relief to be there and be able to report for Julie Leung whose last para in this posting also refers to the event.

  • Comments:
    Alas, due to scheduling plans and the presence of too many petits, I will be unable to come meet Nancy myself. But knowing that you will be there, I can relax, and await your thoughtful and detailed report of said event from the comfort of my computer desk, once little eyes have gone to bed. Memories of Malcolm come to mind. I will anticipate your reporting! Enjoy!
    Zut! Now *I* can't be there either. Office dinner for visiting bigwig out of which cannot wriggle.

    There goes my lone chance to steer my daughter straight.
    Ah well, we shall just have to invite Nancy to join us at one of our blogger parties!
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