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Monday, September 26, 2005

kate moss

Stoned Moss Rolled

I was never in the modeling biz but some of the agents I mixed with included that field and some of my lit agent buddies went bigger time and ended up representing movie stars and catwalkers.

Plus, we had all the photographers cosying up in hopes to parlay their work into coffee table tomes.

For this hounding of Kate Moss: May the Mirror rot in hell - *and* the squealer who snapped her.

Moss was spotted at 14, which is an appalling age to enter that dingy world

I'd glimpse her at clubs or hear mad tales and one year in Corfu a heavy mob of her vulgar heavies were looking for a hacienda to rent n wreck.

I'm sorry to hear the tabloids have turned against her. They made a few bucks off her and I'd have liked to have thought they'd do the decent thing, but that's tabloids for you.

She'll be back and I trust she'll carry a few grudges.

This whole drugs scene at that level is a way of life and whoever filmed her with those wretched phone cameras deserves a slow and medieval dismantling of key body parts.

That may yet happen and I trust it'll be reported in the same detail as poor Kate's fall from grace.

One can't blame the beauty pushers who've ditched her but I'd like to see a backlash and some brave corporates give her a 2nd chance and ride on her current notoriety. None of the ladies I've questioned who patronize the brands she publicized even connect her drug habit with their purchases, so phooey to that fake argument.

She and I were once at the same club entrance and she commented on my companion's ear rings. The door gorilla let her in, of course, and couldn't block me but decided on a whim to nay-say my lady. As I searched out the boss, I bumped into Kate who greeted me, "Hey, you're the jade ear-rings."

When I told her the sad story, she went down to the door and bawled out the heavy, putting an arm round my friend and ushering her in with a "She's with ME. Couldn't you tell?"

Post-script: I see that La Moss has checked in for rehab in Phoenix, no less. I am trying to make time to visit a honey in Carefree, AZ, so I may drive past the clinic and wave a sympathetic hankie.

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