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Saturday, October 01, 2005

william k peddy - foto courtesy Islander

Peddy Probe

It seems we have not entirely lost news noser Steve Gardner to centralist Kit Saps.

The latest Islander carries his jugular jagging P-peopled alliterative rePort detailing how

"Failed Mayoral Candidate Peddy on leave pending probe".

City attorney Paul McMurray won't go into specifics of the investigation.

Quoth PMcM: Such investigations involve checking an employee's claims. That can include an interview with the employee, who is allowed to have union representation present.

If warranted, the city would hold a hearing. The employee could have an attorney present and would get a chance to testify. The city would make a decision after the hearing.

McMurray said he did not know how long the investigation would take.

Surprise surprise, "Peddy did not return phone calls from the Kitsap Sun."

My Peddy poseur posteur hangs washed and pressed in the music room, just below the stag's head and boxed Ross Perot wrist-watch.

Of which it, too, has a story:

Perot's thrust for fame took place in my Hong Kong days and the local industry churned out Slick Willie as well as PeroTime-pieces which I bought and mailed to my pa-in-law in San Antone.

It was when I bought myself a Perot time-keeper that that the probs began.

Strap-hanging the bus back to Skek O, my sleeve would slip, revealing my proud time-piece, at which American tourists would offer me cash for it.

I bought it for equivalent of US$2.50 but I'd be offered $10.

After selling watch after watch, I got fed up n upped the price to $20.00 - even more eager sales.

Then $25.

Then I just bought a job lot and spent my commute home flogging the lot.

I'd get home and Lady Busker would hold out her hand into which delicate paw I'd dump a wad of crumpled notes - HK$ and US$ (I'm not proud).

Paid for the new dining room set and fresh rags for the little ones.

Mr. Gardner on email. Go on.

Now the dude no longer walks the wild side, feed him the good stuff.

Were you drunk when you wrote this?
Were you *sober* when you read this?
Have you not studied my style?
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