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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Martha, My Dear

Loved the MarthApprentice d├ębut show. Sorry the ratings so feeble.

Binary Chip as usual on form and I can't top his shrewd comments.

Continue to be riveted by The Donald's utterly farcical primping and preening.

The Beeb's version a lucrative gift for my kind of immature commentary and I've adopted all sort of silly names under which to tutor fellow Albions in its 'real' purpose.

Where do they find these masochistic suits and suitettes prepared to make such dunderheads of themselves.

Last week's had an odious latina wasting no time sucking up to DT or his ice-maiden hench-babe. And gosh, I can't wait for the episode when she sits in the Throne.

Next documentary has to be the interviewing for these assertive adolescents: the men will be predictable but the women must be a hoot to sieve.

Thanks to my own innate wimpishness when it comes to acting tuff and hustling Savile Row'd privates, I've never actually worked for these types. *With* them as freelance scruff, many times, but not at this classy level of go-getter.

My instinct is that Martha will build eyes, if the network will let her. There seems to be a 2-minute test n then y're out.

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